It took me almost 2 years to build a winning jewel piece!
You can make one within 2 hours tops!!


          How would you like to...

Move to the next level of making polymer clay art and learn the secrets only I know about creating Disc-Chic jewelry?

Hear the question - "where did you get that stunning necklace from?" and know your necklace is really one-of-a-kind?
Get my metal discs sent to your home in a gift box to create your own Disc-Chic Jewelry?
Learn step-by-step how to create amazing designs, by full length videos tutorials all packed in a CD?
Learn 4 new stringing techniques for donut shaped beads in general and disc-chic beads in particular?
Get 9 extra ideas on how to use Disc-Chic beads in your future designs?
Give yourself or family a new, one-of-a-kind, never seen before, fashionable look to for the holidays?
  The Disc-Chic Kit is for you!

My Disc-Chic jewelry were featured in many sites, magazines and books. 

Their refreshing concept, luxurious style & fancy look is what made them so appealing and very popular.

I really found them by accident, a friend showed me some metal pieces taken apart, he wanted to throw them away for recycling, i immediately told him i will make sure they will be recycled in the most respectable way!! in my polymer clay studio! :)

After collecting them, i decided to start making jewelry out of them, their “bezel-like” characteristics made them perfect for making beads & being made of metal made them perfect to combine with polymer clay, plus, their "donut-like" flat shape are ideal for stringing them in fun creative ways.

I knew donut beads are a challenge for stringing because of the need to make them lie flat, so i thought of elegant ways to make them into jewelry -
All the necessary information on creating these amazing jewel pieces is gathered in a comprehensive all-levels tutorial and step-by-step videos!

This is your chance to add an exclusive look to your jewelry
a very affordable price of bezels comparing to silver or other metals!

The NEW PolyPediaOnline Disc-Chic Kit is your new guide for making disc-shaped beads & donut beads using elegant findings.  These colorful Disc-Chic flat beads can be made using all kinds of clays, colors, textures, powders, paints, skinner blends and techniques you can think of, Their beauty is in their uniqueness, using the metal findings with polymer clay makes your beads look very elegant and stylish.

 In the 1st part of the tutorial we will discuss the technique of applying polymer clay to Disc findings, how to insert the clay inside the “bezel”, how to cover both sides of the metal (to avoid the touch of metal touch & skin for those who have sensitive skin), how to pierce holes in polymer clay, and the difference options to decorate these findings.

 In the 2nd part of the tutorial I will walk you through a few ways of stringing donut beads using 2 types of threads (cotton/wax threads). You will learn quick and easy ways to string disc-chic beads in particular and donut beads in general, We will cover my popular "Back-looping knot" and also "the X" stringing. We will also cover basic way to string donut beads.

In the 3rd part of the tutorial we will move to the next level of making flat beads with clay backing, I will be using my Disc-Chic findings and demonstrate a beautiful layered carving technique that can upgrade your beads. Later, we will address the stringing of these unique beads and how to maximize their flat position while wearing them minimizing their flipping.

 The last pages are dedicated for 11 other designs using the discs: brooches, magnets, bracelets, pins and a short explanation on how they were made.

INCLUDED - a set of 7 Disc-Chic findings to make your own creations

 2 VIDEOS in a CD showing the process of stringing disc beads - 
Video #1 Disc-Chic Necklace stringing - 1 hole
Video #2 Disc-Chic Necklace Stringing - Back-loop knot

Still not sure? check out the BONUSES:

 BONUS # 1 -  IDEA Bank! 9 extra designs with photos and details on how they were made using Disc-Chic beads
Necklaces, brooches, magnets, rings, bracelets, pins and a short description on how they were created.

 BONUS # 23rd BONUS VIDEO! Full length video from-start-to-finish with all the steps for making a 2 hole disc necklace, front and back, including stripes spacers and how to string the beads on a cotton-wax thread and finish the necklace with a clasp. 

Hurry and save yourself a copy!


WHAT'S included in your gift box package?
 A set of 7 disc-chic beads waiting for some studio time! 14$ Value!
 PolyPediaOnline CD with:
      48 pages PDF file tutorial; 200+ photos to guide you through;

      3 comprehensive videos on making & stringing of Disc-Chic beads

Rush to your clay table - 2 hours and you're done!
Give a creative gift to yourself or to a fellow crafter :)

Tutorial products closeups -
Closeup # 1 | Closeup # 2 | Closeup # 3 | Closeup # 4 | Closeup # 5 | Closeup # 6 |

Insider pages -
Page # 1 | Page # 2 | Page # 3

VIDEO Sneakpeek -


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Where to purchase additional discs?
The discs I use are not available in craft stores or such, they are recycled.
I am offering you my own personal stock of discs.
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Now you can add wonders to your work
with fantastic elegant beads and new ways of stringing!