Hello again! :)

What can we do with all that scrap clay and canes we have? Help!

If you are, like me, sometimes tired of your old canes, or made a cane and it doesn't look like you wanted - 
There are so many things you can do with un-wanted, old or scrap canes!
We can turn them into new canes or make tools from their colorful clay!

scrap kaleidoscope caneOne option is to make a kaleidoscope cane out of your scrap canes - take your leftovers canes, cane ends or canes you don't like any more (they will always look better when they are smaller), gather them into 1 cane, shape it to a triangle and reduce into 6 sections - you will get a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope with lot's of details and colors!
Another option is to take your scrap clay and canes, marble them around and use them as scrap to make tools with it:

**Make small textures. Take a ball of clay, pinch one end and then go take an imprint from something… a grate, a shoe, a button, lace, a stamp Cook like normal and use to add detail texture.

polymer clay millefiori scrap kaleidoscope cane
**Make bead guides - Roll a sheet at each setting on your pasta machine, use one small cutter to cut a piece out of each sheet. Roll the piece into a ball. Pierce and bake the balls. Make a note on each what thickness and cutter made it. String and keep as a reference.

** Make tool handles - either from the fun scraps or the sludge and cover with cane slices, texture, powders or any other decoration. One idea is to cover the eye of a yarn needle to make your own needle tool. Another is to add clay along one edge of razors to form safe handles for your sharps. you can find freebie project of Natasha beads tutorial for making a needle tool handle.

handles from scrap