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Millefiori flower canning is one of the most popular techniques in polymer clay artwork, their beauty, vivid colors and appealing designs, seems like we are standing in the middle of a blooming field and smelling their wonderful scent.

There are endless flower types and endless ways to create flower canes - polymer clay is the perfect medium for these designs.

In the new Vol. 26 and 27 tutorials we are creating imaginary, fantasy petal designs, which are easy to follow and complete.

Every cane is demonstrated from start to finish with all the steps, details and tips required to successfully create the project!

polymer clay tutorials flower canes polypediaonlineIn Vol. 26 - advanced flower canes PART I tutorial we will cover the following flower canes -
1. 3D Kanzashi flower - with a beautiful skinner blended petal imitating a silk fabric flower
2. Multi Dots & Petals Flower - using a gradient skinner blend and an easy technique for creating stamens
3. Double Petal Kanzashi Flower - another feathery flower petal imitating a fabric flower using skinner blends and inserts.
4. Butterfly Wing Flower - a simple and elegant multi-petal flower design - 2 variations

In Vol. 27 - advanced flower canes PART II tutorial we will cover the following flower canes -
1- Splash Flower - a unique petal design & a perfect background filling
2- Pin Wheel Flower - with petals effects and creating a unique petal's top
3- Linked Flower - to create a fancy flowery version of a Celtic knot cane
4- Red Shimmering Flower - for a wonderful glowing flower design
5- Illumination Flower - a bright design of a flower cane using simple techniques

In addition to the cane designs themselves, we will cover the 2 of the most accurate background packing and filling of flower canes, while keeping their beautiful shape and avoiding any distortion after reduction.

We will address the issue of inserting stamens in 2 different techniques

Create complicated looking flowers using leftovers from other canes - The process is shown in details in the PDF file including photos and a videos.polymer clay tutorials flower canes polypediaonline

We will create canes with a different number of petals placed around a center cane - each flower will be assembled in a specific way, making sure the petals are highlighted correctly inside the design.

In the videos I am demonstrating my own way of creating a skinner blend and adding additional colors to create an interesting color theme for your flower canes.

This is your chance to see complicated canning on PolyPediaOnline videos! Vol. 26 and 27 are my first tutorials offering flower canning on videos.

If you already have Vol. 1 tutorial for backgroundless flower canes, Vol. 26 & 27 tutorials will perfect your skills.

Each flower is accompanied by a very detailed video demonstrating the process of creating the cane from start to finish!


VIDEO Sneak peek - 


Only PolyPediaOnline tutorials contains several projects in a single file!
The tutorials are explained with detailed instructions and numerous photos to guide you through.

VIDEOSpolypediaonline millefiori tutorials flower canes
A special addition to the PDF tutorials - A password protected access to videos according to your purchase.

Vol. 26 - 4 Videos
1. 3D Kanzashi Flower - 30 minutes
2. Multi Dots & Petals Flower - 22 minutes
3. Double Petal Kanzashi Flower -27 minutes
4. Butterfly Wing Flower - 8 minutes + detailed photos in the PDF file

Vol. 27 - 5 Videos
1- Splash Flower - 37 minutes
2- Pin Wheel Flower - ~10 minutespolypediaonline millefiori tutorials
3- Linked Flower - 19 minutes
4- Red Shimmering Flower - 18 minutes
5- Illumination Flower - 12 minutes

==> When purchasing both tutorials (separately, or both) you will get unlimited access to all videos. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos, but you can not download them to your hard drive.
These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email after your complete your purchase along with the PDF files.

==> When purchasing the CD deal, you will receive a CDs with all the PDF files and 9 Videos to watch offline at your own time without the necessity of an internet connection and without typing a password.

Feedback from a customer -
..."Iris! I can't tell you how excited I am with my new purchases!
Up until these 2 new tutorials were published I was making flower canes but wished I could see HOW YOU do it in person.
Since I live so far from you, I can't come to visit, BUT! the videos made me feel as if I was sitting next to you in a private class!
THANK you so much for sharing this, everything looks so much clearer!
Now I can become an ELITE caner!..."

Maria, NC USA


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 polypediaonline millefiori polymer clay tutorials flowers polypediaonline millefiori polymer clay tutorials flowers polypediaonline millefiori polymer clay tutorials flowers

polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers
polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers
polypediaonline millefiori tutorial video flowers polypediaonline millefiori canes tutorials flowers polypediaonline millefiori canes tutorials flowers


With 9 videos and a detailed PDF files as your teaching guides -
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