Ever wondered If it's possible to create
thin polymer clay beads and forms that are strong,
durable, flexible and light weight?

Actually, It's impossible!

Guess what?
I developed a special technique
allowing YOU to create the impossible! 

When we were building our home several years ago, I noticed that the builders used a simple technique of pouring concrete to form walls using a metal mesh inside to reinforce it.
I watched them, not realizing that one day I’ll be using another form of that technique on my polymer clay creations.

polymer clay tutorials mosquito techniqueA few years later I was looking for something to help me create a thin yet strong polymer clay piece that will not break after the first time it falls out of my hand. This was the result of my dropping a few delicate polymer clay beads on the floor, and being very upset because they broke could not be repaired.

As you probably know, polymer clay does not handle breakage well, and it was not bad luck on my part having those beads shattered to pieces, just a disadvantage of polymer clay. A disadvantage that caused me and many polymer clay artists to avoid creating delicate and thin pieces.

This really got me thinking, I wanted to find a way around the problem, not to avoid it.
Eventually the technique the builders used crossed my mind.
How about, if I use some kind of net/mesh for extra strengthening? this could give thin clay the durability and strength I was looking for.

I started looking for something delicate, thin, flexible and affordable; and I found the Mosquito mesh. Here (in Israel), almost every window in every house is sealed with this mesh to protect us all from those nasty Mosquitoes bits.

mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorialsIn 2008, I met Connie Donaldson, the former editor of PolyerCAFE in the 1st Synergy Conference, we've talked a bit and I suggested an article for the Magazine with my innovative technique.
The article was published in June 2009 and was an instant HIT!

Once the article was published I got so many great feedbacks and realized how useful this technique is - beads, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and even sculpted pieces - every item can be reinforced with mesh!

My necklace with "Mosquito Technique" helped me to create innovative and unique looking beads & forms using a simple, easy to use mosquito net. This is a new opportunity to create very strong beads, in all form/in flat and curled forms, flexible shaping and lightweight designs.

Two years after the article was published the copyrights are mine again!
Now I can offer this amazing and extremely important technique to you!

The "Mosquito Pack" holds the most comprehensive and detailed tutorials on combining polymer clay with a metal mesh, both as a decorating element and as a strong base for your polymer clay designs.

I have already Published the first tutorials Vol. 14 & Vol. 15 "Geometric Mosquito Necklace" & "Mystifying Floral Brooch" during October 2010 followed by the "See Through" Mosquito bracelet (Vol. 24).
They all became immediate best sellers and have a continues demand.

However, as you might have realized by now, I always create comprehensive tutorials to effectively cover each subject from all possible angels. That way I ensure you get the best options to find your personal favorites in each tutorial. And I know that when you obtain the tutorials you will have access to all the information you need on that subject.

To ensure the full capacity-full cover tutorial, I expanded the subject and added 3 tutorials for further creative ideas and unlimited possibilities:

v sign polymer clay tutorials polymer clay tutorials mosquito techniquePolyPediaOnline Vol. 28 - ~Mosquito Jewelry~ How to Create Strong and Durable Designs
       and Beads using the Mosquito Mesh
 - The original mosquito necklace technique published in

v sign polymer clay tutorials  PolyPediaOnline Vol. 29 - How to Create a High-tech Pixel Frame Brooch Using the
        mosquito mesh
- PDF and Video

v sign polymer clay tutorials  PolyPediaOnline Vol. 30 - How to Create Polymer Clay Metal Mesh Sculpted Flowers -
        PDF and Video

polymer clay tutorials mosquito techniqueIn the complete "Mosquito Pack" Tutorials you will learn how to -

v sign polymer clay tutorials  Use traditional & affordable materials to build sophisticated un-traditional designs

v sign polymer clay tutorials  Build a solid foundation to a thin piece and create a durable and strong form that will survive
        occasional falls or mild bending.

v sign polymer clay tutorials  In addition to the mosquito technique itself I cover additional sub-techniques to create the shown
        designs - hollow domed forms, sandwiching, pixel painting, see through technique, layering and free-
        form sculpturing.

v sign polymer clay tutorials  Recycle found objects into mix media designs. Use any metal mesh you have!

v sign polymer clay tutorials  Upgrade your art with a metal mesh to create a perfect match of polymer clay and metal


A special addition to this tutorial pack are 2 videos showing the process of creating the flower sculpture and the pixel frame brooch: 
v sign polymer clay tutorials High-tech Pixel Frame Brooch - ~10 minutes
v sign polymer clay tutorials Polymer Clay Metal Mesh Sculpted Flowers - ~17 minutes


VIDEO Sneak peek - 



Mosquito KIT and BONUSES

When Purchasing the complete Mosquito Kit, You will receive the following bonuses, sent to your home address with  NO EXTRA SHIPPING COSTS -
v sign polymer clay tutorials A special BONUS tutorial of the "See Through" Mosquito bracelet. Learn more on how to strengthen and build a strong armature for your bracelets.

v sign polymer clay tutorials2 sheets of oven proof metal mesh sheets ready to use in your projects.

v sign polymer clay tutorialsA CD containing 6 PDF files (vol. 14, 15, 24, 28, 29, 30) and 2 Videos to watch offline at your own time, without the necessity of an internet connection and without typing a password.



arrow polymer clay tutorials  Only PolyPediaOnline master tutorials contain several projects for each subject! 
arrow polymer clay tutorials  Each tutorial includes detailed instructions, explanations and numerous photos to guide you through,
      step by step, until your project is finalized to perfection
arrow polymer clay tutorials  Front row seats to this master class in polymer clay - the shooting angle of the video’s allows you to
      the best view in the house.


==> When purchasing my tutorials you will get unlimited access to all videos. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch the videos.  These videos are password protected and passwords will be sent to you by email along with the PDF files after your complete your purchase . 

==> When purchasing the CD deal, you will receive a CD's with all the PDF files and Videos to watch offline at your own time without the necessity of an internet connection and without typing a password.

Here is what you're about to learn -

mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials
Vol. 28 - Mosquito Jewelry
 12 Pages PDF file
Vol. 30 - Mosquito Mesh Flowers
  17 Pages PDF file
Vol. 29 - Mosquito Pixel Painting Brooch
  12 Pages PDF file
mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials
Vol. 24 - Mosquito Jewelry
See Through Bracelet
 17 Pages PDF file
Vol. 28 - Mosquito Jewelry
 12 Pages PDF file
Vol. 15 - Mosquito Floral Brooch
 18 Pages PDF file
mosquito technique jewelry polymer clay tutorials polymer clay video tutorial mosquito

Vol. 30 - VIDEO
polymer clay video tutorial mosquito

Vol. 29 - VIDEO 
Vol. 14 - Mosquito Jewelry 
17 Pages PDF file



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arrow   2 sheets of metal mesh to use in your projects
arrow  Exclusively inside the Kit - the 6th bonus tutorial of the Mosquito "See-Through" bracelet


If you ask yourself how can I afford selling the pack for the low price of 67$? 
Well, as I already said, I really want you to have all the information, the comprehensive details and explanation, to make sure that you get the most out of this technique.
Now, ask yourself - are you willing to miss out on all these amazing details, guidance and front-row-seat-videos? 
Are you truly willing to let go of all the priceless information I worked long and hard to invent, create and turn into the best polymer clay tutorials available, for you?

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"...After trying your free tutorials I have been so surprised! I have never seen such understandable tutorials! Thank you so much for so much help and new ideas. I am so excited! :-)"
kirsten illgner from Germany

"...thank you for the fantastic tutorials. Iris delivers always on content and service. Her tutorials are easy to understand and suitable both for the novice as well as experienced clayer. The photography is excellent. This way of delivering clay education is invaluable especially for those who are geographically challenged. I look forward to more tutorials and am grateful that Iris is prepared to share her knowledge.
Cara Letho, Australia

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