How would you like to know how to make
your own drawings and transfer them into clay?
The NEW PolyPediaOnline 3-in-1 *Vol 17* has all the information you need to design and create jewelry and transfers using color pencils, pastels, crayons and liquid polymer clay.
In my new 43 pages tutorial I am demonstrating how to transfer a drawing or a sketch into clay using color pencils or oil pastels - it can be an artistic sketch, the name of a friend on a brooch/barrette, a photocopy tinted with colors, your own drawing - You are the designer! 
We can paint on clay and use it as our canvas!

Each project has it's own process & lot's of detailed tips for drawing, building (beads), layering, cutting, attaching, curing, finishing and stringing.
The class includes all the steps required to get to a finished product and trouble shooting on the relevant sections.

Clear and detailed instructions, 43 pages and more than 200 photos to guide you through.

Here Is A "Taste" Of What You're About To Learn


***click on photos for closeup
The 1st project -
The "Pencil Celebration" Bracelet tutorial

A sophisticated angular square bracelet  with a different design on each side and an elegant stripes background.
The bracelet has no armature and is based on 4 "tiles" holding each other on 4 sides.

Too "wild" for you? This product can easily be adapted to different techniques and other designs. You will find another variation with the same technique - a hair barrette (French clip).

Sneakpeek into the tutorial pages here! 
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The 2nd project -
Pastel Tile Necklace tutorial

Tiles were made with polymer clay, pastels & liquid polymer clay & a decoration of a silver leaf. It’s another variation of the technique with different results.

Students will get lot's of photos and tips on constructing this "pendants" tile beads, piercing, layering and stringing them as a necklace.

Sneakpeek into the tutorial page here! 
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The 3rd project -
The "ClipArtistic" Ring tutorial

Draw directly on polymer clay using the ring’s upper surface as a wonderful canvas! The watercolor shades of the painting is so light and pleasing to the eye.
don't worry, you don't have to be a piccasso for it ;)

A quick demo to a very quick ring, draw your favorite shapes, names, cliparts - this miniature ring is a piece of art! :)

Sneakpeek into the tutorial page here! 
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 To make this tutorial affordable to everyone,
I gathered all 3 advanced projects into 1 file,
offered for a special price
 Only 32$ for 3 unique classes
(That's less than 11$ per class!)

all 3 tutorials -

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