First bake it
Then create it!

Enamel? Glass? Silver?
No. It's polymer clay.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what on earth can you do with liquid polymer clay?

How can you extract the best of it and use it for more than just merely an adhesive or a transfer assistant?

Did you ever wonder if you could use it to create exquisite, irresistible designs anyone looking at it won't believe it's clay?

Well, guess what, I have the  answer… But wait!

What if I tell you that in my new tutorial "show-time" starts AFTER baking?
Did I get your attention?

Liquid polymer clay is a wonderful medium, however, it  is not popular among many polymer clay artists.
Why? Well, mainly because it is hard to use for more than an adhesive or transfer assistant, without being creative.

As you might recall I have used it in the past for several projects . However,  I am constantly being asked for more creative and unique ideas to use it - ways to stretch it's limits.

While experimenting with different materials trying to create new innovative techniques, I suddenly had a great idea that transformed into a ravishing technique:  a whole new way to create luxurious breathtaking jewelry using materials you will find at your own home.

I give you! The SkyScraper technique.
Enamel? Glass? Silver?
No. It's polymer clay.

The name "skyscraper technique" popped in my head in association to the tall, impressive and sparkling buildings seen in big cities worldwide. The long, narrow, sparkling beads reminded me of the wonderful New York skyline, the sparkle metal look of the skyscrapers is also a main characteristic of this technique.
This class is all about challenging yourself and upgrading your polymer clay work, making it  more sophisticated and stylish then ever.

In the new Skyscraper tutorial we will NOT follow the regular procedure of creating and curing.
In this technique we will FIRST cure our materials and only then, work and design our final product.
Sounds crazy? Yes! but possible.

If you're not into traditional polymer clay work or looking for new ways to expand your artistic polymer clay passion - this class is for you!
Take your liquid out of the drawer and let's get going!

In the new special "liquidy" edition you will learn -

Vol. 38 - The Skyscraper Technique
 In Vol. 38 Skyscraper technique we will learn how to create 2 final projects with special 3D affects, metallic and glowing optical illusions - The skyline pin and the sparkly Skyscraper tile beads.
 The tile beads project can be turned into an electrifying bracelet, a statement necklace and other endless designs!
 Lot's of special "tricks" in this tutorial! Use materials you never imagined that will work together! It is not silver and not silver leaf! 
 ==> Included in Vol. 38 - a super detailed 45 minutes video with all the steps necessary to complete your projects from start to finish.

Vol. 39 - The "Flakes" Technique
Still in a "liquid state of mind", in Vol. 39 we will create 2 stunning projects from start to finish -

 A beautiful DiscChic necklace & an earring set using the "Flakes" technique including gloss finish and stringing.
 A faux stained glass flower pins using the "Flakes" technique including resin finish.

Vol. 39 tutorial is an addition to my previous best selling tutorial "DiscChic jewelry" (Vol. 18), and will give you another glimpse into the wonderful possibilities available for using liquid polymer clay and DiscChic blanks.

 ==> Included in Vol. 39 - 2 Videos:
A 16 minutes video demonstrating the creation of the "flakes" technique and combining it into DiscChic metal blanks, curing and stringing the discs into a necklace and an earring set.
A 19 minutes video demonstrating the creation of the faux stained glass "flakes" flowers from start to finish including resin applying.


VIDEO Sneak peek - 

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Stacy, USA

These tutorials were sent very quickly and are absolutely beautiful, a great addition to anyones library. Great pictures and instructions. I would definitely order from Iris again!
Wendy Bester


Here is a "taste" of what you're about to learn -
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Vol. 38 - Skyscraper tiles beads and Skyline Pin - 45 Minutes Vol. 39 - Faux stained glass flower - Flakes technique - 19 Minutes Vol. 39 - DiscChic Necklace and earrings - Flakes technique - 15 minutes


If you can squeeze your liquid polymer clay bottle -
You can create the skyscraper technique!


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A 19 minutes video demonstrating the creation of the faux stained glass "Flakes" flower project

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