3 New PolyPediaOnline Summer Classes - Vol. 13
The perfect combination of fun, and excitement!

Fashionable (and comfortable!) flip flop beads to be used as charms for cell phones, keychains, earrings, pendants and so much more!

 Round and colorful beach ball beads you've always wanted to know how to make

 Cool popsicle beads - ice, vanilla, chocolate, cream, strawberry & 4 colored - make a beautiful charm bracelet out of them!

  3 PDF files for the price of 1!   
the only tutorial you purchase is the flip-flop beads and the other 2 are freebies!

Want to see what you are about to learn?
- PolyPedia E-Book How to make 3 versions of polymer clay Flip-Flops -
In this tutorial you will find 3 different variations of my special comfortable fashionable flip flops -
flip-flops with striped canes and polymer clay straps, flip-flops with seed beads and wire and millefiori canes*, and flip-flops with cute feet in it!
Clear and detailed instructions, 23 pages and about 80+ full-color pictures to guide you through. 
(*instructions for making rose canes are not included)
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Don't miss the 2 FREE tutorials you will get!

- PolyPedia E-Book How to make colorful beach ball beads - FREE
This tutorial focuses on easy colorful & stylish stripy beach ball beads you can use as charms for any project.
Clear and detailed instructions, 7 pages and about 30+ full-color pictures to guide you through. 
Sneakpeek 1

- PolyPedia E-Book How to make popsicles charm bracelet - FREE
Have fun with this irresistible and joyous tutorial, great for adults and super fun with kids!
Clear and detailed instructions, 12 pages and about 40 full-color pictures to guide you through. 

All this for only 19$!
for 3 tutorials

This is a great opportunity for you to learn all my secrets on making
my popular flip-flop beads, beach ball beads and an enchanting popsicle bracelet!
and when it gets cooler - it's a warming reminder of the summer :)