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11 answers to your most burning questions regarding the Flower Academy Tutorial set -

1. Iris, will I succeed in making these magnificent flowers? 
Is this a tutorial for beginners?

Yes and yes! All of our videos are highly elaborate, accompanied by PDF files with many photos. There are many options for beginners and novice polymer clay enthusiasts.

2. Where can I find all the tools and materials you used in the Flower Academy tutorials?

* You will receive a full resources files with your purchase;

Bonus instructional video on how-to make some of the required tools from polymer clay is included in the Silver-Gold-Platinum sets;

Platinum Academy students will exclusively receive the goodie box with several samples of materials and tools required for this tutorial set, for your personal use, and future reference.

3. Iris, why is this tutorial set priced at $99? It's too high for me!

Well, this is a one in a lifetime tutorial set. 
No one in the polymer clay world has ever created such an extensive, elaborate tutorial set of any kind, and no one has ever created such a large scale tutorial set covering 26 flowers, 29 videos, 14 Hours of video classes, which is equivalent to a FULL month of private classes.

We think that $3.8 per video + PDF is a very small amount to pay.

4. What bonuses do I get when I buy the full tutorial set?

The bonus you'll get are worth $ 75:
* Video - "How to make your own cutters" in unlimited desired shapes.
* Video - "How to make your own tools and flower impressions".
* Video - "How to make a festive bow tie".

* A special 27th flower surprise PDF bonus tutorial.

5. Why should I use polymer clay? Why not other types of clay?

There are other media to be used, but this tutorial was created specifically for polymer clay.

You will benefit from using polymer clay in many ways - 
It is a friendly material which is highly available, fairly priced, ready made with a huge variation of colors, no mixing required, and finally, and most important, polymer clay will give you the best, most realistic results compared to any other medium.

6. I bought your Flower Academy tutorial. 
Do I need to buy dozens of cutters, now?

You will receive a complete set of diagrams from our personal secret stash of flower templates.

You will learn how to create your own cutters in our BONUS video, instructing you exactly how to make your very own cutters, in unlimited desired shapes.

7. Will I be able to watch the videos online anytime? Can I watch the videos online numerous times?

Yes and yes!
You can watch the videos at any time you like, as many times as you like. There is no limit on video views.

8. Is each flower you taught in the Flower Academy tutorial fit for a specific project?

Of course not! 
You can use any flower in any project. We gave you an array of options, but we didn't exhaust all the options. 
There are endless possibilities to combine beautiful life-like polymer clay flowers in your surroundings! We urge you to explore them! And we'd love to get your pics. 
The best ones will be published!

9. Can I sell flowers and other creations I make myself, according to your instructional videos?

Yes, of course! These flowers are so beautiful and so life-like, they are bound to be a sales hit!

10. Can I teach others how to make flowers, based on your tutorials, techniques, creations, or promotions? Can I create new tutorials based on yours?

All tutorials, techniques, names, photos, videos and promotions are protected by copyright laws.

When you buy any of our tutorials you are consenting to using them according to our guidelines, as they appear in the PDFs. This means you cannot use the information you acquired in any way other than selling work you created using this tutorial. 

If you have any questions on this matter please contact us by replying to this message.

11. Do I need any special software or computer to watch the videos?

Nope. You can watch the videos and PDFs on any device, including your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Do you have other questions regarding The Flower Academy tutorial set, you couldn't find an answer to?

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..."This must be the most extensive flower guide in polymer ever made; there are quite a few for air dry clay or sugar, but those don’t of course solve technical issues related to polymer clay, nor do they offer such variety of projects. Well thought out and well made!..."

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