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Пугачева Алексанлра   (E-mail)
(19/07/2013 09:44:00)

Я не купила никакой Вашей программы, а воспользовалась бесплатными. Все нравится и я пытаюсь делать, еще не совсем красиво получается, но я счастлива, т.к. мне это все радостно и благодатно. Большое спасибо за любовь!!!

Shannon Strez Dubai   (E-mail)
(06/07/2013 17:28:00)

Dear Iris,Thank you so much for sending me the tutorials and the bonus material is very much appreciated as it is so hard in this part of the world to find books and information on Polymer clay.Thank you again.All the best Shannon.

Patricia Z.
(04/07/2013 12:16:00)

Hello Dearest Ladies, Wow! what a cool idea to have joined forces to create more fun for all of us fans out here. Iris as you know I am still a huge fan of yours and a new fan of Hilla''s, love you both. Congrats on this awesome cosmic ceramic package!

Phyllis C.
(04/07/2013 12:13:00)

Dear Iris
Thanks for all you do for the polymer community, and for ''pushing the envelope''!

Jamie R.
(04/07/2013 11:55:00)

Good Afternoon Iris,
I have purchased a few of your training disks and have found them to be absolutely delightful and informative. I just love your ideas. I recently purchase your Skyscraper tutorial kit, your Extrudinary and your Inkredible. Your tutorials are the best I have seen.

Thank you so much,
Jamie R.

Theresa   (E-mail)
(12/06/2013 01:38:00)

Fisnish some Cosmic Ceramics and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for getting me out of my slump. posted pictures on Flickr

Sandra   (E-mail)
(02/06/2013 19:55:00)

Iris your tutorials are great!! I am loving them all!!! Can't wait to start working with clay againt :)

(25/05/2013 05:31:00)

Iris, I just am looking and loving your tutorials. Sometimes I loose focus and feel like I am only adding to great endless pit of scrap cane. Your work inspires me and I look forward to making that scrap pile smaller and smaller. Your work makes me smile. Smiling is good. Please keep sharing.
Thanks, Arlene

Adelice A. Portugal
(23/05/2013 09:09:00)

My COSMIC CERAMIC Kit has just arrived!!! Amazing, only three days from Israel to Lisbon!!! Your videos classes are beyond my imagination.
Now it´s time to begin my work, follow your instructions!
Thank you!

Denise B.
(08/05/2013 22:04:00)

I just watched the first video of the ceramic tutorial and I am SO happy that I ordered all 4 sets in this series! The technique is genius! I can't wait to try it! Thank you for your hard work in producing these excellent quality classes! Everyone who loves polymer clay should see this work!

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