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Ann Dantuono   (E-mail)
(28/08/2012 08:13:00)

Iris is, above all else, a true professional. She delivers her tutorials rapidly. I have never had to wait or email looking for it. It is always there in my email box. As for the content....better than any other I have purchased. A true talent and a kind and generous business person.

(27/08/2012 15:28:00)

I cant wait, All those tutorials and then a pendant to top that. I am so glad you offered such a bargain on your package. I think I have every tutorial you have offered. Love them all. Always easy to follow directions and such an array of ideas with tremendous artistic talent. Love your work Iris!!!"

Leora Bennett
(26/08/2012 03:00:00)

If you are at all hesitant about trying any of Iris Mishly's tutorials, don't be! They are clear and concise and very easy to follow. Worth every penny!

Natàlia   (E-mail)
(01/08/2012 18:45:00)

fantásticos, realmente muy buenos, los recomiendo y seguro que repetiré

(21/07/2012 16:04:00)

to be honest , I am so happy how quick i got this tutorials !! it was in less than 1 hour.. I loved them and can't wait to try them ..... I will defiantly buy again from Iris and will recommend her to other.. Thanks a lot Iris!

Suzanne Baer   (E-mail)
(30/06/2012 18:34:00)

Iris' tutorial are very good! They are so well described and there are so many pictures added, plus seeing the accompanied videos, makes it fun to jump right in! i have almost all of the tutorials and she helps with questions and is just a great person!! Greetings from Swizerland Suzanne

Azucena   (E-mail)
(28/06/2012 20:35:00)

Thank you very much, it's wonderfull, I'm going to begin to work now. Excuse my Englis please is no good.

Claudia I.   (E-mail)
(11/06/2012 01:54:00)

I love the video, the technique is really amazing, thanks for sharing your knowledge, I brought the video and I received fast, excellent quality. Congrats, I will buy more in the future. Gracias. :)

Linda V. (Etsy)
(24/05/2012 17:52:00)

Can't even tell you how much I'm enjoying your 10 millefiori tutorials I purchased.I've learned so much already. Thanks so much.

Horst   (E-mail)
(17/05/2012 23:42:00)

Only by chance I detected the millefiori technique in some videos on Youtube and copied some canes with a certain success. Iris´ tutorials have surpassed my expectations. They are excellently illustrated, so that I will sharpen the blade and oil the pasta machine to get started as soon as possible.....

Thank you so much from Germany.....

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