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Barbara Oliphant   (E-mail)
(19/08/2017 19:29:00)

I have your set of theFlower Academy and love it. I have neve bought tutorials that were so well describe and easy to follow. Thank you!

Rhonda Knauf   (E-mail)
(09/10/2016 16:03:00)

Cosmic Ceramics tuts and vids were fabulous. My first two pendants came out beautifully. Easy and fun technique. I have a pic of my pendants if you want to see them.

Marta Hugas Eixarch   (E-mail)
(26/10/2014 17:39:00)

I bought a couple of your Cosmic Ceramics tutos, and I've had a great time playing with them, but I still have to squeeze them and do more experiments. Thnaks for the clear explanations!

Ripple   (E-mail)
(02/09/2014 18:48:00)

bought the Premium Flowers Set.Absolutely thrilled with the videos.Already started practicing.My whole family loves my new creations.Thanks a bunch.

Pauline Dieter   (E-mail)
(19/06/2014 02:28:00)

Just ordered Cosmic Ceramic and received it so quickly. Watched it through and am thrilled with the clear instructions and great videos. Will dig in to crafting some tomorrow and will forward pics. Thanks SOOO much!

Frederique Castiglione   (E-mail)
(27/02/2014 22:21:00)

I've just watched the skyscraper technique video, I love it I love it I love it! Can't wait to try it!

Lucie Blaauw   (E-mail)
(18/02/2014 08:49:00)

Hi Irish, thank you for your very quick response on my order, I love them all. And I cannot wait to begin with the little houses or the moonrocks or or :-)

(11/01/2014 20:10:00)

Hi Iris,
Thank you for the Cosmic Ceramic tutorials. Its really beautiful and love it. I will upload the pics after finishing some.
would love to shop more.. will come back.

Veronica F.
(21/11/2013 10:49:00)

Hi Iris,
Just letting you know that I loved the Flower Academy tutes, and hope there will be more Flower Academy tutes in the future.

Sandra Boyer
(04/11/2013 15:24:00)

I received my Cosmic Ceramic package yesterday. Great Stuff! I tried to follow the PDFs provided at sale with iffy results. I''ve watched the whole CD, and to see the techniques with their nuances made all the difference. Kudos to your demonstration artist! Keep your eye out for me, I''ll be a returning customer!

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